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A guide for the mountain resorts around Sweden.


Track 4 Outdoors is an information system for recreational resorts that incorporate everything you need for great outdoor activities. Client wanted an ERP that will help automatize work of the resorts and incorporate all their activities into one system.

What we did?

We created a back office application, as well as an Android and iOS application (both internal and external). GPS tracker devices are also sending points via TCP/IP.

The back office application is used for the management of tracks, trails, users, maintenance employees, points of interest, marketing banners…

Android Application for internal usage serves to employees for maintenance with ability to record tracks via GPS, receive tasks from management office, report a task, enter new information point and update the status of all tracks and points.

Android and iOS Application for public users have the ability to search tracks in resorts, pay tickets, report problems on tracks, add friends to compete against, or just have fun outdoors with family and create a memory in app by saving their run.